Taking the biscuit

As a serious biscuit fan I was interested to read the findings of a recent survey which looked at the UK’s biscuit consumption preferences and habits.

Commissioned by packaging machinery supplier KernPack, there was a theme running through the top three biscuits of choice: chocolate. The Chocolate Hobnob was revealed as the nation’s favourite biscuit, with 18 per cent of the vote. Chocolate Digestives came in second place with 12 per cent and Bourbons came third with just under ten per cent.

Now, I don’t mind a choccy biccy but they’re certainly not my favourite, and I can’t believe my beloved Custard Creams didn’t get a look in among the top three – or even the top four, coming in fifth place with eight per cent of the vote.

The rest of the survey findings I can relate to more: when asked how many biscuits they ate in a single sitting, 11 per cent admitted they ate the whole packet (guilty pleasure!) and 77 per cent rated the sofa as the best place to eat a biscuit.

Tea was shown to be the UK’s favourite drink in which to dunk biscuits, with 63 per cent of the vote, while coffee came second with 20 per cent. Fizzy pop came last with one per cent – fizzy pop, really?

Pass the tea and Custard Creams please!

Full survey findings can be found here.

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