A path to circularity

The challenges and opportunities for the food industry to become more sustainable are outlined in a white paper Food Packaging Versus Food Waste – Moving Towards a Circular Economy, sponsored by Ishida Europe and Aston Business School.

Creatively sustainable

Food and drink companies have achieved a 55 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions – five years before the target was due to be reached. 

Open for business…

For many food and drink manufacturers supplying the hospitality and food service sectors, a return to business as usual seems an awful long way off.

Brewing nicely

Alcohol-free brews continued the positive trajectory of recent years, growing by 11%, according to Carlsberg.

Do as I do

A study of 2,000 adults revealed nearly half (45 per cent) have felt forced to either reduce or cut out their intake of meat products entirely.

Sobering thought

Last year only two thirds of consumers had even heard of non-alcoholic beer, now that figure is 3-in-4. Awareness of non-alcoholic spirits and wine has also grown significantly.

A new gin-eration

75% of Britons said they prefer to always, or mostly, drink in the comfort of their own home.

Food and Drink Technology