Sticky food weigher

Aja, working with its automation partners, has designed and supplied a bespoke packing line for a major UK ready meal producer to weigh-pack fresh pasta with sauce.

The line incorporates the Aja AWS 1200 12-head Sticky Fresh Food Multihead Weigher, a solution for sticky and difficult to handle ingredients and raw material. The auger feeders and slider weighing system are able to transfer the pasta through the weighing cycle and into the tray without any sticking, hanging or loss of pasta.

Portion weights are typically 350g, although the AWS can handle up to 500g without any impact on speed or accuracy. Line speed is up to 40ppm [tandem solutions can pack up to 78ppm] with giveaway at around 0.5 per cent > 0.25 per cent. Manning levels have been significantly reduced, with only one operator now controlling the weighing-depositing operation.

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