Grab your coat

Grab your coat

The Republic of Fish, a Norwegian manufacturer of fish based snack foods, produces a natural, handmade product called Havgull, made from arctic haddock. Thin flakes of dried fish, much like potato crisps, Havgull is a traditional Norwegian and Icelandic snack.

In 2016, the company decided to expand by developing their product to appeal to a wider market, by coating it with olive oil and selected spices.

Under the brand name Happy Crisps, the flakes were to be covered with ground pepper, garlic and ginger spices. The company turned to Spice Application Systems (SAS) for an efficient coating system.

SAS designed and engineered a range of complimentary pieces of equipment which work together to create a complete coating and flavouring system for Happy Crisps. The system, which comprises a screw feeder, oil spray system, infeed tray and cylindrical drum, uses electrostatics to coat the flakes by applying a static charge to the powder and oil coating as it’s being sprayed onto the product. As the coating become ‘negatively’ charged, it adheres automatically to the ‘positive’ base product, creating a wraparound effect.

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