Retailers receive WRAP cash

Major retailers have been awarded funding from the WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) Waste Minimisation Innovation Fund – an £8m (£11m) fund designed to encourage innovative packaging initiatives that reduce household waste. The latest round of projects to be announced involves some of the leading names in UK retailing, including Coca-Cola, Dairy Crest and […]

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Brits are European chocolate champions

With the Easter chocolate bonanza over, British consumers have once again retained their crown as Europe’s chocoholics. According to market analyst Datamonitor, Brits chomp their way through 10kg of chocolate a year compared to just 2.2kg in Italy, which also has the lowest per head consumption of chocolate in Europe. Last year, the UK spent […]


Traditional Baker Perkins goes independent

APV Baker, a leading supplier of process equipment and services to the food industry worldwide, has been acquired from Invensys plc by private investors John Cowx and Brian Taylor. The new company will trade as Baker Perkins. The business, based in Peterborough, UK and Grand Rapids, Michigan US, is a leader in process technology for […]

Still beefing about exports

A European Commission committee has voted in favour of lifting the ten-year ban on UK exports of beef products. However, the lifting of the ban has led to new wrangling about the transportation of live animals, particularly veal calves. A European Commission committee has voted in favour of lifting the ten-year ban on UK exports […]


Caffeine link to heart attacks

Recent research suggests that heavy coffee drinkers carrying a particular gene may be more vulnerable to heart attacks. Coffee drinkers who have more than three cups a day may be subject to cardiovascular diseases. Caffeine is metabolised by an enzyme in the liver. Variation in the gene for this enzyme can slow or quicken caffeine […]


Dewhurst bites the sawdust

Dewhurst, the largest butchers chain in the UK, has gone into liquidation, closing 60 of its 95 stores. Administrators have been called in to help sell the remainder. Thirty years ago, Dewhurst had 1,400 outlets in the UK, but has battled to keep up with supermarket meat counters. Despite West Country firm Lloyd Maunder taking […]

Consumers check labels

A Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey has found an increasing awareness among consumers towards healthier eating. More people are taking an interest in food, particularly by checking the labels and eating more fruit and vegetables. The survey team interviewed more than 3,000 people over five weeks. It was found the number of consumers who claim […]

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East End Foods invests in rice

A west Midlands based Indian food specialist has invested £6 million (£8.8m) in a new state of the art rice mill in a move that is set to increase its rice production at the West Bromwich plant by more than 40% during the coming year. East End Foods said that this new machinery, which is […]


Industry initiative backs government guidelines

Masterfoods, in conjunction with Cadbury Trebor Bassett and the Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery Association (BCCCA) have joined forces in a major education initiative to help consumers understand better how to enjoy chocolate and confectionery as part of a balanced diet. Enjoy chocolate and sweets as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle. That is […]

Firms face challenge from health food fads

The current consumer enthusiasm for healthier eating is creating a challenge for food companies. According to a new report from JPMorgan, firms are unsure whether to continue with high margin products that are not deemed so healthy as the narrow margin wellness foods. A research report entitled Obesity: Re-shaping the food industry, says that profitability […]

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Diet plate is dish of the day at the House of Commons

The Diet Plate is a revolutionary new slimming tool that is making waves within the slimming industry and has now earned itself an invitation to the House of Commons. So popular has the Diet Plate become that the mighty Weight Watchers organisation has been quick to recognise it as serious competition to its own portion […]


Firms sever sugar sites as EU laws loom

Dutch firm CSM is debating the sale of its sugar division as new reforms for EU exports come into force in July. The changes will affect both the sugar industry and beet growers, particularly as EU agriculture ministers have agreed to cut the price for sugar by 36% in November. CSM Sugar produces up to […]

Cadbury Schweppes steps up investment

Cadbury Schweppes Americas Confectionery has opened its new Science & Technology Center in Hanover, New Jersey. The $40 million investment will create new products for the Cadbury Schweppes worldwide gum business and its Americas confectionery region. The 148,000 sq ft facility will enable the creation and testing of new gum and candies, tasting and evaluating […]

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Soda hybrid launched by Coca-Cola

Vault, the new hybrid energy soda launched by Coca-Cola North America, is said to be neither a soft drink nor an energy drink. Rather, it’s a unique energy soda that delivers attributes from both categories. It features a bold citrus taste with less carbonation than most sodas, and the high-octane refreshment of an energy drink. […]