Quorn commits to waste management

Resource management and recycling company Wastecycle has been awarded a 24-month waste management contract with meat-free food manufacturer Quorn Foods.

The company will provide its services across Quorn’s Norfolk, North Yorkshire and County Durham sites in the UK, aiming to help make the company’s waste and recycling processes more efficient and cost effective.

Paul Clements, commercial director at Wastecycle, says, “Quorn is an internationally recognised household brand, so we’re all thrilled about being selected to help them become more environmentally friendly and efficient when it comes to the waste they produce.

“Just like any food manufacturer, Quorn generates a wide variety of waste, but we’re confident that, together, we can implement a strategy to help Quorn achieve zero waste to landfill.

“Our plan for working with Quorn includes implementing the waste hierarchy to minimise the amount of waste generated, in addition to increasing the segregation of its dry mixed recycling and finding new, more competitive outlets for commodities.”

The contract, which started at the beginning of November 2015, sees Wastecycle handle Quorn’s food, cardboard, plastic, wooden packaging and general waste, along with using 30,000 litre tankers for the collection and treatment of effluent waste and used cooking oil.

In addition to the tankers, Wastecycle will also provide two portable, 32-yard compactors, three large balers and an artic trailer for easy disposal and transport of cardboard and plastic waste.

Clements adds, “As part of what we’re doing, we’re planning to convert the 75,000 litres of used cooking oil that Quorn produces each year into an environmentally friendly bio liquid that can be used to generate carbon neutral electricity for the UK.

“Additionally, due to Quorn’s food waste containing no animal by-products and its nutritious value, we plan to segregate and process it for use as high quality animal feed.”

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