Nestle broadens strategic links with Barry Callebaut

Nestle and Barry Callebaut have announced their intention to broaden their strategic co-operation in Europe. The project spans three countries and includes the transfer of production facilities in Italy and France, as well as a long-term supply contract for Barry Callebaut to furnish chocolate mass to Nestle chocolate factories in Russia. The two parties expect […]

NUTRA NEWS: Fonterra appoints new head of value added ingredients

Fonterra has appointed Andrei Mikhalevsky to head up its new value added business of Fonterra Ingredients with products including customised dairy commodities as well as technically complex dairy ingredients. Mikhalevsky will be managing director, based in the US, while long-term dairy veteran John Shaskey focuses on the company’s commodity business as managing director of Fonterra […]


Huge expansion in range of fairtrade products

The range of fairtrade products is growing at a huge rate, expanding far beyond tea, coffee and chocolate. Two new own-brand all natural nut products can now be bought at Tesco – a chopped brazil nut and dried apricot mix and a peanut, cashew and dried mango mix. More fruity products have also become available. […]


Tackling the future of farming

The National Farmers Union’s (NFU) annual conference, held recently in Birmingham, had its eyes fixed firmly on the future of farming in the context of climate change, rapidly rising world demand for food, bio-energy and other factors to create threats and opportunities for Britain’s future farmers and growers. Speakers at the conference included NFU president […]


NUTRA NEWS: Beating the sugar blues with nature

Diabetes affects the stability of the body’s insulin response and several million people in the UK will become diabetic over the next ten years. Continual excess of sugar entering the body can generate ongoing cravings for the particular sugar molecule, but there is a proven nutritional counterbalance to all this. The trace mineral Chromium, if […]

Healthy trends show in top 100 grocery brands

UK consumers have made significant efforts to improve their diets with sales of healthier products rocketing brands up the top 100 grocery brands league table, according to a Nielsen report. “Health has dominated the consumer’s agenda. Many manufacturers and retailers have fundamentally changed their products to provide a healthier offering which has lead to phenomenal […]


Exports soar past £1 billion

Exports of British meat and livestock products have crashed through the £1 billion barrier for the first time in more than ten years. Preliminary figures released by the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) show beef and lamb exports both increasing with sales of lamb abroad reaching £230 million and beef at £90 million while pork […]

Nestle plans to stop Lion bar production

Nestle is considering stopping production of its Lion chocolate bar and is supposedly looking for a buyer for its Dijon factory as sales have dropped considerably. Health trends have affected sales of some chocolate bars and Lion was condemned by a Consumers’ Association survey for its sugar and fat content. Nestle has since reduced the […]


Square-shaped melons arrive in Britain

Some of the most bizarre looking fruit ever seen in Britain have arrived. Grown exclusively by supermarket Tesco for their exceptional taste – they are the only watermelons that offer total sweetness from the centre to the sides. Tesco fruit chiefs believe that conventional melon sales may be being held back because their large size […]

Eat in Colour campaign launched

The anticipated new three-year campaign Eat in Colour to promote fruit and vegetables has been launched. The campaign’s focus is to help people to find practical, quick and easy ways to achieve a healthier diet every day. With only £8 (£12) a week spent on fruit and vegetables, equal to the weekly spend on takeaways, […]


Britvic flat profits place focus on healthy drinks

Britvic has reported flat annual profits as health conscious consumers switch to juices, smoothies and mineral water. The company is now fighting back with a new print campaign aimed at parents to highlight its Robinson Fruit Shoots which contains no artificial flavours and colours. The preliminary results for the year ended 1 October 2006 reported […]


NUTRA NEWS: Greenpeace omega-3 claims attacked

Food scientists and milk processing professionals in Germany have joined forces to attack claims by the environmental organisation Greenpeace that organic yoghurts tend to have the highest contents of omega-3 fatty acids. “Completely false and confusing for the consumer, was the reaction of the leading independent food laboratory centre MUVA. Dr Gisela Runge, head scientific […]

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NUTRA NEWS: Yoghurt drink with life’sDHA

Italian yoghurt manufacturer Latteria Merano/Milchhof Meran has teamed up with Martek Biosciences Corporation to launch a new drinking yoghurt containing Martek’s flagship DHA omega-3 product, life’sDHA. Launched in Italy this autumn, the Mente Viva drink contains 50mg of the DHA omega-3 per 100g serving. Life’sDHA is from an all-natural, vegetarian algae source grown in a […]


NUTRA NEWS: Prebiotics market to grow to £180m by 2010

As consumer awareness of the benefits of improving gut health continues to grow food and drinks manufacturers are seeking to fortify their products with prebiotics. Analysts are prediciting that the market will grow to £180m by 2010. Impending EU regulations on health claims are set to prohibit vague claims that a product can promote gut […]


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