Cocoa powders for rich chocolate taste

Based on the trend towards sophisticated, darker and more adult chocolate flavours, Gerkens high impact cocoa powders from Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate business are ideally suited to provide the rich, diverse colours and tastes that consumers are demanding for premium dairy applications.

Suitable for use in a range of dairy products, including ice cream and self mix instant drinks applications, the cocoa powders are created to produce a rich chocolatey taste with a dark colour, without bitterness. All Gerkens powders can be tailored to meet the unique colour and taste requirements of each manufacturer.

Marcel Nouel, product line manager, cocoa powder, comments, “The majority of strong alkalised cocoa powders have a bitter taste; this is often described as a ‘rough edge’. Our broad spectrum of Gerkens high impact powders have such a well balanced flavour compared to many competitor products that less sugar is required to achieve a delicious chocolatey taste, without the rough edge.

“Amongst the broad range of applications where our high impact cocoa powders can be included are protein shakes, where the powder is used to mask the off-taste of protein.”

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