Positive news on pesticide residues

Fresh data from EFSA on pesticide residues in food suggests that exposure levels are on the decrease. In its Annual Report on Pesticide Residues, the food safety authority says that 96.5% of more than 70,000 samples of different types of food complied with maximum levels permitted by the EU. The remaining 3.5% exceeded legal limits, […]


‘FSA to be abolished’ claim

The UK coalition government is to abolish the Food Standards Agency – the food watchdog set up to protect consumers after the ‘mad cow’ disease crisis – and reassign its duties elsewhere, according to government sources. However, a Department of Health spokesman insists no decision had yet been made on the future of the FSA. […]

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Weight management ingredients market set to soar

Obesity rates, which have been steadily rising in Europe and the United States, are now increasing in Asian nations as well, according to new analysis from Frost & Sullivan. As a result, the weight management ingredients market offers significant prospects worldwide. In its Opportunities in Global Weight Management Ingredients report, the market research firm reveals […]

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Spotlight on pressing issues

 Pressing issues for the food industry, including ways in which to provide safe and healthy food for a global population that is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, were addressed at a recent meeting of EFSA representatives, European and Italian institutions, the Spanish presidency of the EU and food chain stakeholders. Other topics discussed […]

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Keep up to speed with microbiological analysis

 As rapid testing techniques become more widely used in food microbiology labs as part of the industry’s drive to produce faster, more accurate results, so new technologies and approaches for detection, enumeration and identification of microorganisms are being developed. In order to keep the food industry up to date on the latest developments, Campden BRI […]


Rapid response safety centre opens its doors

Thermo Fisher Scientific has opened a facility dedicated to the rapid development of analytical methods to help contain costly and potentially dangerous food contamination. The Food Safety Response Centre (FSRC) in Dreieich, Germany, is a fully equipped laboratory for food sample preparation combined with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, says the firm. “When a crisis occurs, analytical […]

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EFSA approval for stevia-based sweeteners

Stevia suppliers have welcomed the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) positive opinion on the safety of steviol glycosides – the sweet components of the stevia leaf – as food additives after the European Stevia Association (Eustas), Cargill and Japanese firm Morita all filed petitions seeking regulatory approval. EFSA said that stevia-based sweeteners were ‘not genotoxic, […]

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UK conference to help beat food bug

The Food Standards Agency is this week hosting an international conference to identify new ways of reducing the levels of the food bug campylobacter in UK chicken. Campylobacter is the most common bacterial cause of food poisoning, causing an estimated 300,000 cases of illness every year in England and Wales alone. A recent survey carried […]


New saturated fat guidelines from FSA

Chocolate makers selling products in the UK will have to cut the saturated fat in their filled bars by 10% by the end of 2012, as a result of new recommendations from food watchdog the Food Standards Agency. The voluntary guidelines, unveiled after a public consultation with industry and health professionals last summer, also recommend […]

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FSA’s ‘traffic light label’ rethink

The Food Standards Agency has unveiled plans for new front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labelling which it says will ‘help consumers make healthier choices when they buy food’. In March 2006 the FSA recommended a set of principles for FOP labelling that would help consumers understand the levels of fat, saturated fat, salt and sugars in food […]

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Saturated fat message starts to sink in

The latest dietary survey by Food Standards Agency reveal that the UK is eating less saturated fat, trans fat and added sugar than it was 10 years ago. The National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) is the first comprehensive survey of people’s eating patterns since 2001. Saturated fat intakes in adults have dropped slightly to […]

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Merger for French Food Safety agency

The French Food Safety agency (AFSSA) is to be merged with the French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (AFSSET). The combined agency, which the French Government says will be ‘a clearly identifiable player on the international scene’, will be operational by 1 July, 2010. The new body, which is yet to be given […]

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Kellogg’s bows to FSA pressure

Kellogg’s has announced that it will cut the salt content of its Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and other brands by up to a third following pressure from health watchdogs. The company has previously delayed the reduction of salt levels, claiming customers enjoy the taste it offers. However, it has now bowed to pressure from the […]

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