Multilayer pot for multiple uses

A new 250ml murpc2013.031 250 ml Cup 6ltilayer pot from RPC Verpackungen Kutenholz is delivering convenience, safety and extended shelf life for a variety of food products from Dutch manufacturer Van der Kroon Food Products.

The plastic jar and lid offer numerous benefits that make it ideal for many different products such as sauces, dips, fish and meat. Its multilayer PP/EVOH/PP construction and ability to be pasteurised and sterilised deliver an extended ambient shelf life of up to two years, depending on the product. Meanwhile, the container is also sealed with an induction heat seal foil which is incorporated into the cap, supplied by Pano.

Because the pack is lightweight and does not break, it is suitable both in and away from the home, for example at parties, picnics, concerts and other outdoor events. The new pot also offers the convenience of easy opening and re-closability, and can be microwaved.

RPC Kutenholz was selected for this project thanks to its established reputation in the design and manufacturer of multilayer bottles and jars.

Dennis van der Kroon, director of Van der Kroon, commented, “We have enjoyed a successful working partnership with RPC Kutenholz and the new container offers the perfect combination of functionality and product protection”.

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