WRAP on target

Manufacturing and retail waste has significantly reduced against the baseline 2012 figure, reveals the second interim report of Courtauld Commitment 3 at WRAP.

Activity by signatories has helped achieve a considerable reduction in traditional grocery ingredient, product and packaging waste in the manufacturing and retail operation of participants, down 80,000 tonnes against the 2012 baseline.

Efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with packaging continue to exceed the target of maintaining a zero increase level of CO2 emissions, with the report showing a positive reduction of 3.9%.

Dr Richard Swannell, director of sustainable food systems at WRAP, says, “I’m delighted with the progress towards targets in the first two years of the Courtauld Commitment Phase 3.

“What makes Courtauld so effective is the sector wide approach to tackling the most impactful areas. Not just thinking about what will help your business, but what will make a more environmentally and economically effective supply chain.

It’s important we continue to strive in the final year of Courtauld Phase 3 and push the boundaries in the preparation for Courtauld 2025.”

Rory Stewart, resource minister, explains, “From farm to fork we all have a responsibility to waste less food. These latest figures reflect a lot of hard work from across the food and packaging supply chain and I want to congratulate the whole sector for coming together to cut waste, reduce packaging and increase food redistribution.”

Richard Lochhead, environment secretary, adds, “The Scottish government is committed to helping businesses cut waste and increase recycling. I welcome the progress the grocery sector is making on reducing the impact of packaging and particularly food waste. Recently I announced my intention to set a national food waste reduction target for Scotland as we need to make the most of the food that we already produce and eliminate needless waste so I would encourage the grocery sector to build on this achievement.”

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