First fully automated lollipop coating line

First fully automated lollipop coating line

GEA, which supplies process technology for the food industry, has developed what it claims is the world’s first fully automated lollipop coating line.

The GEA Aquarius Coating Line for producing fluid, powder and granulate coated lollipops will be introduced at the Confitexpo confectionery trade show in Mexico next month. It includes forming, transferring, cooling, wetting, coating, drying, wrapping and quality control.

Coatings can be used to add colour, texture, shine and flavour to lollipops. GEA says the machine’s controlled way of applying powder ensures the lollipops have a clean appearance as the powder is kept away from the stick. The amount of powder on the lollipop is also controlled and the applied quantity of powder consistence and powder waste is absolutely reduced to a minimum.

Inspired by the GEA Aquarius 3D PopLine, the development of the new patent pending coating line arose from responding to customers’ requirements for chocolate-coated and chili-coated lollipops.

“In a mature confectionery market like lollipops, it is important to innovate and enable customers to create new exciting products,” says Kees Le Loux, segment sales manager for the GEA Aquarius lollipop manufacturing equipment. “This line will make it possible to bring hard candy lollipops with coating on the market.”

Confitexpo 2016 takes place at Exppo Guadalajara, Mexico, from 2-5 August.

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