California Tree Fruit branches out in Europe

The Garden, a London-based marketing agency, has been appointed by the California Tree Fruit Agreement (CTFA) to generate greater interest in its members’ fruit – firstly in trade circles, before targeting consumers.
California’s peach, plum and nectarine business is currently booming, with over one and a half billion pounds of the fruit produced in California annually. Of these, 80% comes from Fresno county, near Reedley, and about 30% of the crop is shipped outside the US.
The total of fresh produce in the UK continues to be buoyant, with a year on year growth of 7%. The total market is valued at £7.1 billion, with soft fruit showing 14% of this growth, according to TNS data. With growing consumer interest in eating healthier foods, fruit is seen as being very healthy, indicating a tremendous opportunity for California Tree Fruit in Europe.

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