Compostable ice lolly packaging

Lickalix, an organic ice lolly company, has introduced what it claims is the world’s first plastic free, compostable ice lolly packaging, with the plastic free trust mark awarded by The Plastic Planet.

The lolly packaging can be composted in a food waste bin and will decompose within 12 weeks, compared to the hundreds of years it takes plastic to breakdown. The packaging is marine compostable, meaning it will organically decompose if it ends up in the ocean, harming no wildlife.

The founders of Lickalix, Karis and Dominic Gesua said: “We are only a small family business but we want to lead the way for everyone to invest in sustainable packaging to reduce plastic use and to make the planet a happier place to live in. Retailers can benefit from our plastic free ice lolly packaging because it’s compostable, the products are more profitable than other competitors, customers demand it which leads to increase in demand and footfall and it’s what consumers want!”

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