Pizza in 90 seconds

Taylor UK has launched the latest version of the Fire pizza oven, manufactured by TurboChef.

Capable of baking pizzas up to 14 inches in diameter in as little as 90 seconds, the compact, rapid cook pizza oven fits on a back bar or counter top and is ventless, so it can be easily installed just about anywhere, with no need for extra extraction.

Cooking is achieved using convection fans, top and bottom, which can be independently controlled up to temperatures of up to 450°C, making it the hottest compact electric pizza oven on the market, all while still delivering a crispy bottom and succulent topping.

The integral catalytic convertor takes care of cooking smells and the double wall insulated construction helps minimise radiating heat, keeping the outer walls cool. The removable bottom access panel enables easy cleaning of the 430 stainless steel interior.

To operate, the user simply loads pizza, using a paddle, onto a pizza shelf screen in the oven. The access flap has a glass viewing panel, so it’s possible to watch the pizza as it cooks. The oven has six pre-set timers.

The latest Fire is available in a range of colours – alongside the classic traffic light red, there’s a choice of yellow, green, pure white, jet black, and blue.  The Fire is supplied with a stainless steel pizza paddle and two pizza shelf screens, each capable of holding a 14 inch pizza.

“The Fire is, on the one hand, a real design statement, while at the same time it delivers authentic, artisan baked pizza,” said David Rees, marketing manager of Taylor UK.  “Its compact, ‘fit anywhere’ design means all sorts of sites can now offer a real taste of Italian pizza.”

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