Schur Star Zip-Pop Bag wins Packaging Innovation Award

The Schur Star Zip-Pop Bag was recently announced Packaging Innovation Award Winner at the 2019 CPMA Convention & Trade Show in Montreal.

Judges praised the dual purpose sealed packaging, which combines new bag construction and carefully selected mini seasoned potatoes to prepare a tasty meal accompaniment in one step inside a microwaveable bag.

The One Step…Done! product line means diners can cook quickly and easily.

“The potatoes and butter puck seasoning are stored separately in a dual chamber bag. The steam strip in the bag along with the specially formulated material provides extended shelf life and is at the same time the feature that makes the bag unlike anything else on the market,” said Hans Schur, CEO at SchurStar Systems.

The product simplifies cooking because everything is in the bag, and neither attention nor time is required. No need to punch holes in the bag or stop midway through and stir. Available in five varieties, herbs and spices are released at the right time during cooking to ensure perfect seasoning.

“It is as simple as it gets, and no additional ingredients or mixing are required,” said Carter Bray, vice president-general manager, variety potato division of Potandon Produce.

The Schur Star Zip-Pop Bag also has opportunity for other fresh produce to provide consumers with ready-meal solutions, for example with seafood, poultry, or vegetarian ingredients.

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