New dual-chamber stand-up pouch from Chamber Pouch

Chamber Pouch has brought a new dual-chamber pouch to the North American and global markets.

The patented stand-up pouch combines two pouches into one on the shelf as a single, highly visible package. Once home, the consumer, with the flick of a wrist, easily separates it into two, individual stand-up pouches, each with its own closure and structure. Dry foods, liquid, powders or frozen; whatever can go in a pouch, can be put in a chamber pouch.

Chamber Pouch can run on many modified horizontal filling machines, enabling companies to rapidly introduce new products. With low incremental costs, no speed penalties and rapid speed-to-market capacity, Chamber Pouch has a short speed-to-market path for brands and contract packagers.

“We love the stand-up pouch but realised its greatest weakness,” said Jeff Herrington, co-inventor of Chamber Pouch, “We needed a two-chamber package for our sports nutrition business and went on a quest to re-invent the stand-up pouch. We believe this patented innovation will be a hit with brands, club stores, and most importantly, consumers.”

“Chamber Pouch is a game-changer, and a tremendous advance in flexible packaging formats,” said Jim McMahon, president of Fit Foods, “Consumers will love the convenience and variety that this unique package delivers. Retailers love the strong visuals this patented format brings to our new and existing products.”

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