First algae protein drink launched in UK

New vegan brand, Plantsy, has launched what it says is the first-ever algae protein drink in the UK.

Available in two flavours; Rhubarb & Ginger and Blood Orange & Grapefruit, the brand strives to be a less conventional protein drink that is both tasty and filled with numerous health benefits.

Algae is an ideal source of plant protein as it contains all of the essential amino acids, giving consumers a suitable alternative to whey protein. Plantsy contains 15g of protein per serving, is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free and is rich in dietary fibre, healthy lipids, vitamins, and minerals.

Founder Anya Prudkova said: “As a person who has always been into sports and healthy lifestyle choices, I decided to integrate a plant-based diet into my life and learn more about nutrition and wellness. I started my degree in nutrition after I realised how passionate I am about plant-based alternatives. I want to empower and inspire people to be stronger and healthier using creative and nutritious vegan products designed to benefit an active lifestyle. My purpose is to make healthy simple and convenient.”

The core Plantsy flavours were chosen in accordance with current trends and each ingredients’ benefits:

Rhubarb – Contains high levels of iron for digestion and blood circulation, and Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which help stimulate bone growth.

Ginger – aids digestion, reducing nausea. It’s also purported to increase brain function and help prevent cancer.

Blood Orange – Contains anthocyanins which help to fight off free radicals and reduce inflammation. Contains folic acid which fights off cancer and heart disease. It’s a source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which help maintain healthy skin.

Grapefruit – A source of fibre and potassium, and is rich in antioxidants.

Stockists: Green Bay, Eat17, and RRP: £2.99

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