BASF broadens its portfolio with acquisition and partnership

BASF has entered the natural food and fragrances ingredients market by acquiring Isobionics and through a partnership agreement with Conagen.

BASF said it can now broaden its portfolio with natural ingredients such as vanillin, nootkatone and valencene as it combines its own R&D and market access with the know-how and expertise of Isobionics and Conagen.

“Reflecting the potential of changing consumer habits and the scarcity of natural ingredients, the strengthening of our biotechnology footprint is at the heart of BASF’s strategy,” says Melanie Maas-Brunner, who leads BASF’s nutrition & health division.

Julia Raquet, who heads BASF’s aroma ingredients business said BASF intends to provide high-quality products at a time when the flavour and fragrance industry is experiencing an increasing need for natural ingredients as well as fluctuating product quality, availability and sustainability.

Isobionics is a biotech-based aroma ingredients company, located in Geleen, the Netherlands. The company develops and produces a wide range of natural ingredients with a focus on citrus oil components such as nootkatone and valencene. 

Besides acquiring Isobionics, BASF signed a cooperation agreement with Conagen to serve the market with natural vanillin, one of the aroma ingredients with the highest market demand.

The natural vanillin that BASF initially markets is based on ferulic acid sourced from rice and therefore named Natural Vanillin F. With its clean vanillin character, Natural Vanillin F is ideal for all flavor applications, such as chocolate, strawberry and caramel, while maintaining an “all-natural” labeling.

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