Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA unveils range of natural beef flavours

Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA is focusing on the combination of natural ingredients and culinary taste profiles in order to deliver authentic solutions for savoury product developments with its latest range of natural beef flavour profiles.

Reflecting today‘s consumer expectations for authenticity and naturalness, Bell has designed a variety of strong and intense beef flavours, that are inspired by the unique cooking techniques of beef and its versatile, aromatic taste components. Bell’s Research & Development team therefore has evaluated the taste characteristics defining distinct beef notes through various cooking processes. This has resulted in the creation of key flavour profiles, that are replicating the specific culinary taste characteristics.

Expanding the scope of Bell’s “Chef specials” range, the line includes a fatty beef variety, that is characterised by an intense, full and salivating fatty beefy note, as well as a cooked beef flavour, which has a strong meat character and delivers a juicy and slightly brown taste profile. The portfolio also includes a natural roasted beef flavour providing dark roasted and brown notes along with a meaty taste profile. All flavours have been created for increasing the overall taste by delivering various nuances of beef and can further be used to amplify already existing beefy and meaty notes.

The new natural flavour range allows for the creation of different cooking profiles and cost-effective as well as sensory appealing products on a standardised quality. It guarantees high efficiency for optimal industrial processing due to convenient and easy applicable powder format of the flavours and long shelf life. The high impact beef profiles deliver full and unique meat characteristics, improved taste and a rounded mouthfeel for a broad range of applications, such as soups or broth, sauces, processed meat products, ready meals and foodservice products.

The halal-conforming range is in-line with consumer needs and expectations for transparency, as it allows for clean labelling due to a “natural flavouring” declaration and can be declared as allergen and palm oil free. Furthermore, the products are designed to fulfil high-quality industry standards and deliver reliable taste properties without the use of added MSG or ribotides.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA will demonstrate its new range of natural beef profiles at the upcoming Food ingredients Europe in Paris, December 3-5 in hall 6 at booth J141.

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