World’s largest organic alcohol supplier Sasma BV builds new headquarters

Premium organic alcohol supplier Sasma BV has begun construction of its new headquarters, which will allow the Dutch trading company to grow and expand its leading position in the alcohol industry.

Sasma BV is the world’s largest independently owned supplier of bulk high proof organic and non-GMO alcohol. Its new headquarters in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, will be highly sustainable, climate-neutral and zero emissions. Strategically located near the port of Rotterdam, the new building will be highly insulated, powered by solar panels, and climate controlled by co-generated energy to maximise its efficiency.

Sasma BV has an annual source supply of 45+ million litres of alcohol and contract relationships with a broad worldwide network of distillers and specialised suppliers. Its sister company, Ultra Pure, based in Connecticut in the United States, allows the company’s infrastructure to distribute throughout this region which represents one of their largest markets.

The new Dutch headquarters will allow Sasma BV and Ultra Pure to expand their global footprint with the addition of new jobs in The Netherlands in order to meet the growing demand for bulk alcohol and spirits in the world. The company plans to move into its new office in November 2020.

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