Bright Barley releases UK’s first milk alternative using barley

Bright Barley releases UK's first milk alternative using barley

New brand Bright Barley has launched a range of three vegan shakes, using the UK’s first alternative milk made from barley.

Despite its status as a super grain, as well as it being the world’s fourth largest crop, Bright Barley has said that barley remains largely ignored in Western food and drink culture; the brand is on a mission to ‘Bring Barley Back’ with its three new dairy free shakes, in flavours of Salted CaramelChocolate and Coffee.

The new barley drinks are in a nutritious, ready to drink format and provide a source of fibre, added calcium and vitamins D & B12, as well as being low in fat. Bright Barley recommends chilling the shakes before drinking.

Bright Barley has said that consumers continue to turn their back on cow’s milk for health, environmental and ethical reasons, in that order, yet not all alternative milks are as environmentally virtuous as they appear, with hidden water, land and food mile excesses abounding. Bright Barley, however, was founded by Jiali Jiang, an Environmental Policy Cambridge graduate and a woman passionate about organic farming and environmental issues, both of which have been central to the brand’s product development.

“I grew up in an area of China near the Tibetan Plateau”, explained Jiali, “where barley’s nutritional value and ability to thrive in even the most extreme conditions made it a dietary staple, notably in the ubiquitous national dish, “tsampa”. I was amazed, then, to discover that so much is grown in the UK, but only a tiny amount for human consumption. A delicious, nutritious, healthy grain on the doorstep, with limited environmental impact from transportation and cultivation demands, yet completely underused, that has largely slipped off the nutritional radar.

“Bright Barley is about changing that,” she continued. “All we do is barley, so it has to be the best, and we have meticulously sourced and developed relationships with suppliers of high quality, organic grains, grown through sustainable farming practices here in the UK. Our first range of vegan alternative milk shakes encapsulates everything that Bright Barley is about: innovation, uniqueness, quality and indulgence, with a strong conscience. We have spent four years making sure that everything is right with it and are proudly sending it out into the busy ‘mylk’ market, confident that there is nothing to compare. We sincerely hope that you agree.”

Bright Barley’s new drinks are available in resealable, individual serving, ready-to-drink Tetra Paks of 330ml. The RRP is from £1.69, with a wholesale case of 12 units costing £12.96.

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