Britain reveals favourite way to eat their pies

Following a 6% increase in pork pie sales during the UK’s lockdown period, a survey has revealed that the nation’s favourite accompaniments to the British classic snack are pickles (pickle, chutney, and pickled onion) and condiments (mustard, ketchup, and brown sauce) – with a combined total of 60% of those who eat pork pies and prefer at least one side choosing these options.

Pork Farms commissioned the online YouGov survey, which reached more than 2,000 members of the public, to discover how the nation likes to eat their pork pie.

While the overwhelming majority of people surveyed, who eat pork pies and prefer at least one side, said they eat theirs with pickles or condiments. Cold sides (salad and coleslaw) came in third with 14.5%, hot sides (chips, gravy, baked beans) and a Ploughman’s lunch followed with 10% and 7% of the vote, respectively.

Mike Holton, brand manager at Pork Farms said: “There’s no doubt that pork pies are classic British fridge-staples, with over half of UK shoppers having purchased at least one of the lunchbox, picnic and buffet staples within the last year. We’ve also seen these figures grow by an additional 6% within the last 12 weeks, so it is really interesting to see the vast differences in people preferences dependent on their age, demographic and location.”

Results showed that nationwide, 18-24-year-olds, who eat pork pies and prefer at least one side, are most likely to eat theirs with a hot side (31%) – in comparison to 5% of baby boomers (people ages 55+). Overwhelmingly, the survey also found that our older generations, who eat pork pies and prefer at least one side, were more likely to eat theirs with pickles – 38% of 45-54-year olds prefer pickles in comparison to just 13% of 18-24-year olds.

Alongside interesting variations with age groups – the data also found a stark difference to the way regions within England eat their favourite savoury snack.

Residents within the North, who eat pork pies and prefer at least one side, are most likely to eat hot sides (16%), the East saw the highest majority vote for pickle (45.5%) and Ploughman’s lunches (10%), and Londoners are most likely to eat their pork pie with condiments (36%), specifically mustard (24%).

The survey also found stark differences in the way that pork pies are consumed within our nations, in Wales 24% of those who eat pork pies prefer theirs with pickles and 40% of people, who eat pork pies and prefer at least one side, in Scotland eat theirs with condiments, specifically brown sauce 17%.

Now distributing over 40 million pork pies, the iconic British brand has just undergone a refresh, which will see new branding focused on the company’s heritage and 100% British pork, rolled out across its website, social media and marketing materials. The products have also received newly designed packaging.


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