The UK’s go-to snacks revealed as sport returns has revealed that Britons’ favourite sporting snack is sweet potato fries.

73% chose the sweet alternative to chips, which says are perfect to nibble on while consumers keep their eyes fixed on the TV for the sports action. Sweet potato fries are arguably a staple in British cuisine, with over 5,400 people asking Google how to make them every month, according to search volumes obtained via SEMrush.

Pepperoni pizza followed closely behind in second. 71% chose this as their favourite sports snack.

BBQ spare ribs claimed third place with 68% of the votes; a reported 4,400 Brits search how to make them every month. These were followed by hot dogs (67%), loaded nachos (65%) and the takeaway-inspired salt and pepper chicken wings (64%).

In tenth place was garlic bread/dough balls. A popular starter in restaurants across the nation, they were the sports snacking pick of 58% Brits. The love of this dish extends to home baking, with 1,000 asking how to make dough balls every month.

Ninth place was popcorn, being chosen by 59%. This was followed by sausage rolls in eighth (61%), and meat pies/pasties in seventh place (63%).

Top ten sports snacks:

Snack % Chosen
Sweet potato fries 73%
Pepperoni pizza 71%
BBQ spare ribs 68%
Hot dogs 67%
Loaded nachos 65%
Salt and pepper chicken wings 64%
Meat pies/pasties 63%
Sausage rolls 61%
Popcorn 59%
Garlic bread/dough balls 58%


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