Better World Naturals becomes first Clean Label Project certified ingredient manufacturer

Better World Naturals, a plant-based ingredient manufacturer, has become the world’s first ingredient manufacturer to earn Clean Label Project certification for its ginseng and rosemary extracts.

Clean Label Project, a leading non-profit organisation that uses data and science to bring transparency to consumer product labelling, awarded the certification after subjecting Better World Naturals to its rigorous assessment process.

Plant-based, naturally sourced ingredients are good fit for the clean-label agenda, but the use of such materials can expose brands to new challenges. Notably, plant-based ingredients can be contaminated with substances such as heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, and plasticizers, or adulterated with undeclared compounds and non-compliant plant species. The discovery of such contaminants and adulterants in a product can significantly damage a brand’s standing with consumers.

Through the certification, Clean Label Project has recognised Better World Naturals’ work to ensure the integrity of the supply chain by providing clean ingredients to food and dietary supplement manufacturers and increasing consumer transparency.

“At the Clean Label Project, we believe that sometimes what’s NOT on a label is what matters most. The long-term threat of cancers and reproductive disorders linked to industrial and environmental contaminant exposure have largely gone unnoticed, untested, and therefore unregulated in food and consumer products, until now. Clean Label Project Certification addresses that gap by building on the strictest regulation in the US by evaluating products to protect consumers from contaminants and chemicals of concern,” said Jaclyn Bowen, executive director of the Clean Label Project.

Better World Naturals believes its status as the world’s first ingredient manufacturer to become Clean Label Project certified is testament to its approach to supply chain integrity. Rather than rely solely on testing, which can fail to detect all contaminants and adulterants, Better World Naturals has implemented a vertically integrated supply chain called PREVENT4TRUST. The goal is to prevent quality issues by proactively raising standards and mitigating threats from the field to the formulated ingredient.

“Tests and certifications are an important guarantee of quality for our customers and consumers. Nevertheless, we believe testing alone cannot guarantee quality in the long term. Rather, at Better World Naturals we complement testing with traceability, working with farmers in the field to ensure consistent standards while shortening supply chains to improve quality control. The model benefits all stakeholders, with farmers getting guaranteed revenues and brands receiving consistently high quality ingredients,” said Laurent Zheng, founder and general manager of Better World Naturals.

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