Makro Labelling celebrates first decade in the UK

Makro Labelling celebrates first decade in the UK

Nigel Guest is Makro Labelling Ltd's new technical sales manager

Just as the UK was beginning to come out of lockdown, Makro Labelling celebrated its first decade in the UK. The company says there have been a number of reasons to celebrate the milestone, with a healthy order book, new name and a new recruit to the company.

The company says its new name of Makro Labelling Limited better reflects the company going forward, as it continues to sell the full range of Makro Labellers that are currently installed in the wine and spirit, brewery, cider, soft drinks, water and contract bottling industries. Existing clients have reportedly been impressed with the build quality of the Makro Labellers, their versatility in that you can change from – for example – wet glue to self-adhesive by attaching a new labelling station without having to buy a new machine.

Makro’s after sales and service department has been running continuously throughout the UK lockdown helping the company’s drinks and food industry clients run at maximum capacity to keep the retailers fully stocked during the past four months.

The team has now been strengthened with Nigel Guest joining the company as technical sales manager. Guest commented on his appointment: “I have joined the company at a very busy time, over the next few weeks I will be visiting all our customers in the UK. I will ask our customers how we can help them by troubleshooting any components that have become worn and could at a later date cause a breakdown. Bearing in mind that many of the Makro Labellers in the UK are nearly as old as the company, some of them may need a bit of TLC.”

Guest continued: “I will then liaise with the Service team to get them onsite, making any changes that are required along with a service kit of any parts that have been identified as needing changing. I have always been impressed with the build quality of Makro’s Labellers, many that have had a busy life and will only need an overhaul rather than replacement. I believe the UK team can be very proud of the fact that we have, through our clients, been part of this brilliant team effort of keeping the UK consumers fed and watered during the initial Covid-19 pandemic.

I am really looking forward to also being able to visit Makro in Italy to see the latest developments that have come out of the technical design team there. As there are no exhibitions happening anywhere for the foreseeable future I will be creating videos of some of these developments. This will allow existing and new clients to see for themselves the great strides that Makro continues to take in these extraordinarily strange times that we all find ourselves in.”

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