Nulogy software proves responsive to Covid-19 challenges

Nulogy software proves responsive to Covid-19 challenges

Advanced and flexible software from Nulogy has enabled Marsden Packaging to remain responsive to the changing needs of brand owners throughout the volatility of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nulogy, which opened its first European office in Bristol, UK, earlier this year, delivers software solutions for FMCG-focused contract manufacturing and packing providers.

Marsden Packaging, based in Blackburn, specialises in primary and secondary packaging services for the food and pharmaceutical sectors and has been using Nulogy’s software to power its operations in the UK for over five years.

The software replaced a combination of computerised and manual systems and reportedly allows Marsden to manage its production flow more efficiently and perform all necessary quality checks.

Nulogy says its software provides the ability to meet the specific challenges arising from the pandemic, for example enabling a business to track employees in real time to be prepared in the event of a potential Covid-19 infection within a production site. Users can generate reports by shift, specific time period, and production line to quickly identify and isolate areas of risk without the need to shut down an entire facility. In addition, contacts can be traced while preserving employee privacy.

Michael Briggs, managing director at Marsden Packaging, said; “Nulogy’s software has proved invaluable in allowing our operation to remain flexible and able to manage any Covid-19-specific issues.

“From helping reduce downtime as customer production schedules constantly changed to enabling us to track close-contact histories between employees, we have had the flexibility to react that would have been near impossible with our previous processes.”

Josephine Coombe, managing director for Nulogy in the EU, said; “The contract packing industry has faced unprecedented challenges and uncertainties with the advent of Covid-19. Our software is helping businesses to deal with this new period of variability and manage potential operational constraints.

“Seeing the likes of Marsden Packaging maximising the use of our software within their business is fantastic and we are exceptionally pleased to help them deliver the agile performance required to meet their customers’ operational and quality standards.”

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