Growing success

In an era when consumers are demanding high quality local food and environmental and ecological issues are at the forefront, Swedish company Nimo-KG is enjoying rapid expansion.

Nimo-KG develops and markets equipment for product handling for companies such as Nestle, Findus and Masterfoods. It assists these companies in handling, lifting, tipping and mixing a wide range of products.
During the past couple of years the company has expanded due to the intensified public demand for locally produced and ecological food supplies.
This situation has led to extra pressure on the manufacturing capacity of several local food producers and created a need for machinery that could handle larger volumes for both small and large producers.
Twenty per cent of the company’s turnover can be attributed to the Swedish market, with a boom in export sales.
John Bergman, managing director, says,“Extra staff have been taken on to meet the increasing demand, which means better resources in terms of service and design and refining what we do best: developing flexible, safe, easy to clean machines.

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