Markem-Imaje releases new low odour ink

A new alcohol-based ink has been released from global supplier of coding and marking equipment from Markem-Imaje. The ink is particularly aimed at the food industry, as well as fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), and improves user experience, convenience and cost control, while still delivering excellent code quality, according to the company.

Given its ability to mark most surfaces at most speeds, continuous inkjet coding (CIJ) is a popular choice for products to be coded with variable data such as best-before expiry dates, lot numbers and sometimes ingredients. However, as Markem-Imaje relays, most existing CIJ inks come with a strong smell which can be problematic for workers and can, at times, alter the sensory perception of content within the coded packages.

Markem-Imaje’s FB655 ink is alcohol-based and virtually odour-free. A further advantage for food manufacturers, according to the company, is the fact the odour does not alter the organoleptic properties of products.

Markem-Imaje says its new ink comes with financial and environmental advantages. The associated additive consumption with this ink is 50% lower than that of other, more traditionally used inks. Additionally, unlike the previous generation of alcohol-based inks, the FB655 does not require the installation of a pressurisation kit or the use of compressed air.

Fitting squarely with Markem-Imaje’s policies regarding the responsible production and use of its inks, this consumable meets all existing regulations and directives governing packaging, be they required, or just recommended: REACH, GMP, HACCP, EuPIA, Swiss Ordinance, Nestlé Guidance Note.

Markem-Imaje says the FB655 ink provides excellent code definition with very clear contours and no smudging, irrespective of the printed material (cardboard packs, aluminium lids, PET, PE, or PP, rigid plastics and some metals). It can also be used to print easy-to-read Datamatrix or QR codes. It works with all of Markem-Imaje’s continuous inkjet printers.

“Our new FB655 ink helps manufacturers meet food safety, health and environmental standards, while also meeting efficiency and cost control objectives”, explains Vincent Millot, product marketing manager, consumables at Markem-Imaje.

Availability of the ink will vary by market and evolve over time. To enquire about a specific country, please contact Markem-Imaje for the most up-to-date details. Contact information can be found at:

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