New soft drink harnesses health & healing properties of nettle

New soft drink harnesses health & healing properties of nettle

Two UK chemists are launching the very first health drink to harness the healing and immunity-boosting benefits of nettle and make it available in a ready to drink can.

The Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica to give it its scientific name), has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. It is an ordinary plant with some extraordinary qualities.

Nettle contains a significant amount of biologically active compounds, particularly carotenoids and polyphenols, that are good for you and your body. Nettle is known to lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, it reduces the effects of skin photoaging, helps in fighting the symptoms of hay fever. It has anti-bacterial properties and boosts your immune system.

However nettle on its own is not ‘tasty’, and so pharmacists Roy Lamb and Nasir Isaji have infused it with a range of garden botanicals, each with their own health properties. The newly created soft drink, Emunity, launches on 8 March and is available in two flavours: Wild Strawberry and Gooseberry.

New soft drink harnesses health & healing properties of nettleEmunity Wild Strawberry contains immune boosting nettle, wild strawberries, meadowsweet, chamomile and cucumber. Evoking the taste of a summer day in the garden, this drink is packed with nutrients and antioxidants which help to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and oxidative stress.

Emunity Gooseberry contains immune-boosting nettle, gooseberries, dandelion, rosemary and thyme. With that late summer taste of the garden harvest, this drink is packed with nutrients which help improve eyesight and memory and even help slow the ageing process.

“We’re both passionate about helping people stay healthy, and so developing a drink full of genuine health benefits seemed the obvious thing to do.” says Nasir Isaji .

“The recipe for Emunity is inspired by my herbalist great-Grandfather who used to create a ‘cure-all tea’ from nettle. When I looked into it, I could see why nettle was so effective.” says Roy Lamb.

Emunity hopes with its new launch that it has transformed the humble nettle into a great tasting, refreshing drink loaded with immune boosting health benefits. It is 100% natural, with no artificial Ingredients and only 53 calories per can.

Emunity is available from, Amazon, and independent health stores from 8 March in 250ml grab-and-go cans. RRP £1.49.

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  1. Sherrie Hodges says:

    Where can you purchase the nettle health product, I would like to try this to lower blood sugar naturally and chlorestral. I live in Scotland

    • Alex Rivers says:

      Hi Sherrie, Emunity is available from, Amazon and independent health stores. Thanks – Alex

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