Recyclable flexible packaging trials successful for Selig Flexibles

With increasing pressure from consumers for recyclable flexible packaging, Switzerland-based Selig Flexibles has been running a range of trials with its customers. As well as the company’s recyclable flexible solution now being used on baby food products, Selig Flexibles has testing underway to achieve even greater recyclability for its films.

With the focus squarely on plastic packaging waste reduction, Selig Flexibles is working with clients to offer them more recyclable flexible packaging solutions. The company’s 84% recyclable flexible plastic packaging offering is being trialled in companies across Europe at present and has recently been approved for use by a German baby food manufacturer seeking to improve its sustainability credentials.

As the degree of a flexible film’s recyclability is impacted by the type of method used to seal the product and the inks featuring on the packaging’s surface, further trials are underway by Selig Flexibles to achieve recyclability of more than 90%. These will subsequently be certified by RecyClass, to achieve Recycled Content Certification.

Jacques H Schindler, general manager and vice president at Selig Flexibles, comments: “The environmental impact of flexible packaging is typically 5 to 10 times less than the food it protects and it is a valuable part of the packaging mix. However, with sustainability an ever-increasing concern, it is vital that we play our part, as a producer of flexible packaging, in designing solutions for the circular economy. With the highly successful introduction of our 84% recyclable film and the testing that is being carried out at present to achieve more than 90% recyclability, we are proud to be able to offer customers more sustainable solutions.” 

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