Kabuto Noodles has veggie revamp to embrace plant-based lifestyles

Kabuto Noodles has gone 100% vegetarian as more of the UK embrace veggie and flexitarian lifestyles.

The company said for just £1.65 a pot, work-from-homers can swap the sandwiches for a premium, 100% Veggie restaurant-style ramen experience, ready in less than 5 minutes for £1.65 a pot.

Previously Kabuto Noodles used small dried chicken cubes and real chicken and beef. From 2018 Kabuto Noodles started selling to the USA under the brand name Kusari. Import rules meant that EU meats were incredibly difficult to import into the US. The UK recipe was adapted to make it 100% vegetarian for export. As of 2022, the UK will now be able to purchase the vegetarian versions of the original recipe.

Kabuto Noodles added it is the only instant noodle brand to have 100% recyclable packaging. The new 65g K3 pot uses far less plastic – helping the company work towards its goal of becoming B corp accredited in 2022.

With flavours such as Chicken Ramen, Katsu Curry and Singapore Noodles tasty and filling enough as a standalone meal, it is now the trend for fans of Kabuto Noodles to ramp up their ramen by adding ingredients of their own and personalising their pots – and sharing their secrets on Instagram and TikTok.

Crispin Busk, founder of Kabuto Noodles said the time is right to go veggie as more and more UK consumers embrace vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles.

“Consumers want quick, easy, quality and amazing value, and our community of fans are becoming more and more creative by the minute with their pot personalisation – you’ll never be stuck for more ways to enjoy Kabuto Noodles. Working from home has never been so tasty,” Busk added.

Miso Ramen, Katsu Curry, Chicken Ramen, Chilli Chicken Ramen, Vegetable Laksa, Singapore Noodles. Available from all major retailers from June 2022. RRP £1.65 for 65g.

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