Plant-based bacon La Vie now available in the UK

The wait is finally over and bacon sandwiches in the UK are about to get a delicious upgrade. After weeks of teasing and insurmountable pressure to give the people what they want, La Vie bacon is now officially available on British shores.

Mirroring the iconic taste and consistency of smoky streaks of bacon, La Vie has been formulated to perfectly replicate the taste, texture and appearance of pork. Having been crowned the ‘Best Plant-Based Bacon in the UK’ at the Plant Based World Expo in 2021, the French brand has already firmly established itself as a stand-out meat-free alternative.

On a mission to get everyone around the same table, La Vie has been tried and tested over 5,000 times to perfect the recipe and create a world-class substitute that is indistinguishable from pork.

Made from sunflower vegetable fat in a patented extraction process, La Vie is the first plant-based product to reach taste parity with pork bacon through a series of certified tests with consumers.

Commenting on the UK launch, CEO and co-founder, Nicolas Schweitzer said he is thrilled to have finally arrived in the UK, where it has been continuously requested ever since we revealed our plant-based bacon a year ago.

“Our goal is to unite everyone at the same table, no matter their dietary preferences, with a product that is not a compromise for anyone. I am confident this mind-blowing bacon is the best way to do just that,” he said.

Since launching in France in 2021, La Vie’s new generation of plant-based meat has been welcomed by food-lovers with open arms.

La Vie has not only won over French restaurateurs and distributors, but also A-list celebrities such as Natalie Portman, who threw her support behind the brand as an investor.

La Vie also made headlines last year when, the pork lobby, attempted to implement a labelling ban on La Vie products, citing unfair competition and attacking the brand for creating a product that was too similar to pork.

La Vie is now available at nine retailers and restaurants throughout the UK including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. In celebration of the launch, the brand has partnered with Honest Burger.


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