Frit Ravich commits to proximity and sustainability with range of km0 nuts

Frit Ravich has released a new range of Km0 nuts made with ingredients from producers near the company’s production centre as it realises its aims to work with suppliers committed to the environment.

The new product assortment offers four distinct varieties: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios.

The food company, which specialises in the production of potatoes, has opted for local production and has carefully selected the origin of each nut. The grain nuts of the new line have been collected in the fields of Girona; the toasted almonds, of the Largueta variety, are produced in Lleida; the toasted hazelnuts, of the Negret variety, come from Tarragona and, finally, the pistachios are grown in the fields of La Mancha.

The new product line has also incorporated ready-to-recycle packaging that Frit Ravich has already used in the relaunch of its range of organic nuts. The company has been working for years to minimise its ecological footprint and uses new packaging made of flexible and recyclable monomaterial complexes, with which the quality of the product remains intact.

The snack company said it is responding to new consumer trends as consumption data in Spain indicates that one in two consumers is looking for more functional foods and an increase in spending on healthy products is estimated. In the same vein, according to data from the sector, in recent years the preference for buying local and local products has increased by almost 80%.

The launch of Km0 adds to a large number of novelties that the brand has presented this year. A year in which Frit Ravich has received the distinction of Flavor of the Year 2022 for its entire Cocktail range This recognition, which has more than 20 years of experience in Europe and 10 in Spain, is based on the taste qualities of the products, which have been tested and approved by a panel formed by regular consumers of the category.

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