Exotic chips snacking range inspired by Caribbean

Grace Foods UK has introduced Grace Exotic Chips in three flavours that the company said are unique to the market, and will be a welcome addition to snacking options for 2023.

The first flavours that are being launched are Cassava Chips, Purple Sweet Potato and Tostones.

The UK’s supplier of Caribbean food and drink launch of a new range of vegan, gluten-free snacks packed full of Caribbean island flavour is available in Sainsbury’s.

Cassava is a nutty-flavoured root vegetable, Purple Sweet Potatoes are known for their rich concentration of antioxidants, while Tostones are crisp, flattened plantains and have a “crunch” factor as they are cooked in small kettle batches to maintain their natural flavour.

The new Grace Exotic Chips range complement Grace’s existing Plantain Chips range, which is available to buy in eight flavours, including Green Banana, Sweet Plantain, Green Plantain, Chilli, Lime, Paprika, No Salt and Sweet Chilli.

Grace Foods UK is positioning the new Exotic Chips along with the Plantain Chips range as one of the healthiest crisp-like options around as they don’t contain any cholesterol or trans-fats, so they are a crunchy lower-fat snacking alternative to most potato-based crisps and snacks – and they are gluten-free and vegan.

Talking about the new product, Giuseppe Vullo, brand Manager for Grace Foods UK, said both he and the company are thrilled to launch the Grace Exotic Chips range with Sainsbury’s. The Cassava Chips, Purple Sweet Potato and Tostones snacks are plant-based as all the flavours are sourced from fruit and vegetables.

“They are nutritious and tasty and are set to be popular with foodies who enjoy a snack but want an alternative to potato crisps.

“The Exotic Chips range are the perfect complement to our Plantain Chips, and really extend the variety of snacks that we offer.

“And of course, they taste even better dipped in our range of Encona Sauces, which are available in nine flavours from Mango Chilli to hot Jamaican Scotch Bonnet.”

The new Grace Exotic Chips range in 75g bags retail at £1.60 and are available to buy in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. Sainsbury’s also stocks Grace Plantain Chips.

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