Sixfold increase in growth prompts Heura’s New Year expansion

Heura has announced a major UK listing with national supermarket chain Waitrose, from 28th December.

With the UK seeing 43% of consumers cut out or eat less animal meat, Heura is perfectly placed to introduce those keen not to compromise on taste, texture or nutrition to its range of versatile plant-based products. The range in Waitrose will include the mission-driven company’s top hits such as Mediterranean Chick’n Pieces, Chorizo Burger and Spanish Chorizo Sausage providing a versatile selection for recipe uses for any palate.

As products hit the shelves just in time for Veganuary, food activist, CEO and co-founder Marc Coloma said that throughout 2023, Heura will be focused on expanding its reach across Europe, to offer even more people “meat successors – 100% plant-based foods that are superior from a nutrient-density and sustainability standpoint”.

“Over the past year, Heura has grown its availability in the UK sixfold, and joining the shelves of Waitrose will further address the growing desire from British consumers to reduce their intake of animal meat products,” Coloma said.

Heura will be available in nearly 200 Waitrose stores across the UK from 28th December, making Veganuary tastier, healthier and kinder to the planet.

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