Subway starts The Vegetarian Butcher partnership with Veganuary launch

Subway has launched a plant-based Teriyaki Steak Sub to mark the start of a partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher. The new sub is available in Subway stores in the UK & Ireland now through 28 February 2023.

The vegan product, which has been designed to mimic Subway’s famous philly-steak, is one of the latest menu additions from Subway that celebrates the growing popularity among consumers to enjoy plant-based innovations.

Subway and The Vegetarian Butcher have been working together over the last 12+ months on some exciting menu innovations.

This includes taking some of Subway’s most iconic and popular sub ingredients and turning them into plant-based alternatives.

Working with the culinary team at Subway, The Vegetarian Butcher has applied its expertise in creating a delicious and satisfying plant-based ‘meat’ without compromising on the taste and texture that you get from traditional meat.

Commenting on the new Vegan Menu option, Angelina Gosal, head of marketing UK & Ireland at Subway said: “Subway is proud to offer a wide range of flavour combinations for guests to enjoy and the latest, limited-edition Plant-based Teriyaki Steak Sub is no exception. Both this new vegan alternative, and the heroic Steak & Cheese meat version are packed with great-tasting ingredients that have been curated to delight tastebuds of vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Our partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher enables us to provide mouth-watering Subs for a variety of tastes and dietary preferences without compromising on taste or enjoyment”.

Hugo Verkuil, CEO at The Vegetarian Butcher, adds: “At The Vegetarian Butcher, we create products that make it easy to sacrifice nothing: not taste, texture, the environment or nutrition. We are very excited about the cooperation with Subway and the Plant-based Teriyaki Steak Sub. The juicy, beefy Steak slices are the perfect way to show how plant-based and indulgence can go hand in hand.”

For this year’s Veganuary, Subway is  encouraging its guests to try something new and is making it even easier for guests to take the Veganuary challenge by offering the chance to choose one of its most popular Subs as a vegan option.

Beyond Veganuary, Subway is also exploring the option of assigning the plant-based philly-steak alternative a permanent spot on the menu.

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