FrieslandCampina Professional uncovers three global food trends in 2023 Trend Report

FrieslandCampina Professional published its fifth annual Trend Report today highlighting three global industry trends: Weastern Wonders, Conscious Curiosity and Sensory Novelty.

This year’s report is packed with inspiring ideas, recipes, and applications for food professionals. It includes micro-trends, business insights, interviews with industry experts and the newest food creations.

The 2023 Trend Report explores new grounds through insights and recipes for dairy and non-dairy solutions in the product groups cream, cheese, milkfat and encapsulates such as creamers and whipping agents. Besides three macro trends, the report identifies eight elemental micro-trends that are translated into meaningful solutions for industrial scale production.

Based on data and industry insights, the trend report elaborates on consumer needs and market trends for 2023 with input from technical experts as well as experts in sustainability and innovation.

The trends

Subjective to local characteristics, the FrieslandCampina 2023 Trend Report identifies Weastern Wonders, Conscious Curiosity & Sensory Novelty as this year’s global trends, each with individual micro-trends.

Weastern Wonders

FrieslandCampina Professional uncovers three global food trends in 2023 Trend Report

Sweet meets savoury in a Korean waffle pizza.

Cuisine borders are being crossed at a pace faster than ever before. Where culinary influences from the West and East meet, they flourish on one plate and let consumers travel the world through their taste buds. New and innovative food ideas allow continents to connect over dishes. For instance, the refinement of Japan and the innovativeness of Korea can be combined with the traditional techniques of the French and the classics of Italy. Across the world, ‘Weastern’ is emerging as an exciting new cuisine, also on industrial scale, and without a doubt a trend that is here to stay with the growing appetite for hybrid creations – familiar dishes with an unexpected twist. Read more about the three micro-trends Frasian Pastry, Hybrid To Go, and Global Mix in the Trend Report.

Conscious Curiosity

The increasing concern about our ecological footprint and our own health is ever so present with consumers. They expect the lighter versions of their favourite foods to retain the beloved taste they are known for. In line with this trend and rising price levels, more and more consumers are opting for plant-based alternatives. This trend sees an interesting shift towards brands that fully integrate these new opportunities and offer new solutions in plant-based options or in full vegan substitutes, and more importantly, do it in the most sustainable way. Learn more about the three micro-trends Blended Benefits, Vegan Delight and Lighten Up in the report.

FrieslandCampina Professional uncovers three global food trends in 2023 Trend Report

The delicious Basil Velvet Cake

Sensory Novelty

Sensory experiences are at the core of our happiness. Everything that stirs the senses makes one feel alive and cherish the moment. A textbook example of this phenomenon is food. Whoever has experienced loss of smell and taste for a while, might relate to this better than anyone. Consumers are increasingly on the lookout for new sensational food experiences that can activate their senses like never before. This trend sees contrasting flavours, textures and temperatures, brought by completely new versions of edibles and peculiar food ideas that make eating a whole new adventure. Find more information on the two accompanying micro-trends Tales of Texture and Creative Contrast in this year’s report.

“As we enter the new year, the food industry has to continue to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of consumers and the market. From sustainable sourcing and plant-based options to advancements in technology, the food industry is poised for innovation and growth in 2023”, says Jules Kramer, global marketing director industry at FrieslandCampina Professional.

“At FrieslandCampina Professional, we are proud of our heritage in delivering outstanding solutions and insights to the hotel, restaurant, café, and bakery industries, as well as large-scale industrial manufacturers. Our aim is to work with our fellow colleagues in these businesses to find the best ingredients for their application. The 2023 Trend Report is a testament to our mission to inspire professionals with the latest trends, while simultaneously providing them with customised solutions.”

Click here to view the 2023 FrieslandCampina Professional Trend Report.

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