John West Holland launches vegan fish-free tuna

John West, the Netherlands’ leading canned fish brand, is bringing two new vegan fish-free ‘tuna’ products in 1,400 stores: John West Vegan Fish-Free Tuna with Tomato and Basil and John West Vegan Fish-Free Tuna with a Dash of Oil.

John West’s newest offering of Vegan Fish-Free Tuna made from soy protein and wheat will be available to consumers at Jumbo and Albert Heijn.

Available in pouches containing either tomato and basil or a dash of oil, the new range responds to growing consumer demand for a more diverse offering that is suitable for flexitarians.

The brand said the landmark portfolio extension into alternative proteins reinforces its commitment to offering innovative, tasty products that support a healthy lifestyle.

Arno Snoey, country manager for John West Holland, said the introduction of fish-free options alongside traditional seafood products gives consumers the choice of enjoying John West products and flavours through alternative protein.

Snowy added: “There is a huge opportunity to connect with consumers of all ages who pursue a flexitarian lifestyle and we’re very excited to transform the category, while offering our core tuna shoppers the opportunity to try a completely new and delicious fish-free ‘tuna’ experience.”

Taste and quality of the products were optimised through consumer testing.

Both products John West Vegan Fish-Free Tuna with Tomato and Basil and John West Vegan Fish-Free Tuna with a Dash of Oil, can be used as a protein basis for a variety of delicious dishes. With this, John West offers suitable Vegan Fish-Free Tuna products for any consumer or recipe.

The launch of John West Vegan Fish-Free Tuna is the Company’s response to the increased demand for alternative protein products, and specifically plant-based alternatives.

According to Innova Market Insights, 42% of the Dutch population follow a flexitarian diet – the highest rate of all countries in the EU.

In addition, recent research from John West found that Dutch consumers are more open to trying alternative seafood compared with other nationalities and are more likely to want a product comparable to fish in terms of appearance, taste, and texture.

While many Dutch consumers are already choosing vegan alternatives to meat, dairy or cheese, alternatives to ambient fish have, up until now, been very limited.

Research shows that many consumers have not yet had the chance to taste vegan fish-free products. As a market leading brand, John West is committed to making its seafood range accessible and affordable to all, and its launch of plant-based alternatives will help fulfil its commitment.

Since the beginning of this year, John West’s parent company Thai Union has begun developing its first branded alternative protein products through its Marine Proteins business unit. John West’s Vegan Fish-Free Tuna is the unit’s first product, with more vegan products scheduled to enter European markets later this year.

John West Vegan Fish-Free Tuna with a Dash of Oil and Vegan Fish-Free Tuna with Tomato and Basil are available in 1,400 stores at an advised retail selling price of €2,69 for a 135g pouch.

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