interpack 2023: sustainability the guiding theme for Sudpack and Ulma Packaging

Sudpack and Ulma Packaging will present two sustainable packaging concepts at this year’s interpack trade fair – in Hall 5, Stand C23.

The flow pack and the thermoformed packaging are based entirely on mono-materials – and are there-fore fully recyclable. Visitors will be able to watch the production of flow packs live on the FM 500 horizontal flow pack machine as well as the production of thermoformed packaging on the TFS 600.

With the flow pack concept, the focus is being placed on Flow Pack mono material solutions as sustainable alternatives to conventional flow pack films. These mono-structures are designed to ensure efficient processing with a high output on standard flow pack machines. They can be equipped with different barrier properties and together with a wide sealing range, results in high process and packaging reliability. At the same time, the structure of the sealing layer allows the simple and efficient in-line application of common zipper systems.

Despite their reduced material thickness, the attractive flow packs based on Pure-Line films offer a level of product protection that is comparable to conventional packaging systems and thus prevent food from premature spoilage. They also contribute to a significant reduction in packaging weight – for example, material savings of up to 60% can be achieved by substituting rigid tray packaging with flow pack solutions.

At Ulma’s stand in Düsseldorf, Landjäger salami will be packaged in a modified atmosphere on the FM 500 horizontal flow pack machine. This robust and reliable high-speed machine can output up to 200 packs per minute and is equipped with an LD (Long Dwell) cross-sealing head, which ensures the packages are airtight even at high production rates thanks to a long sealing time combined with a rotary motion.

This recyclable flexible film concept for the production of thermoformed packaging is based on Sudpack’s PurePP film and is processed on Ulma’s hygiene-certified TFS 600, a thermoform packaging machine designed for the production of both modified-atmosphere and vacuum packaging for a wide variety of food products. This machine combines maximum flexibility and efficiency in the packaging process – and impresses with fast format changes, easy operation and cleaning, as well as a high level of packaging and process reliability even in high-performance mode.

Thanks to its excellent thermoforming properties and good machinability, the Multifol PurePP bottom film can be processed on standard machines such as the TFS 600 with only minor adjustments – even at high cycle rates in continuous operation. The top web, an Ecopol PurePP Peel, ensures good sealability. These perfectly matched films are a guarantee for high process and packaging reliability. This flexible film concept is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as stack-able packaging, large-volume gastronomy applications and even fresh pasta.

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