FIE 2023: CP Kelco and the future of indulgence – balancing irresistible texture with health and sustainability”

CP Kelco, a global leader of nature-based ingredient solutions, is heading to Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) in Frankfurt this November 28–30. Attendees are invited to “Indulge with No Compromise” as the company showcases innovative prototypes and discusses the latest texture trends at Booth 3.0C40, next to Azelis.

“With the demands and stresses of our daily lives, consumers are turning to indulgent food and beverages for comfort. However, they still prioritise their health and wellness and are mindful of the environment,” said Camille Berdugo, CP Kelco senior marketing specialist. “When making food and beverage choices, consumers do not want to compromise on sustainability, wellness or enjoyment, while also keeping an eye on their budget.”

CP Kelco will show how it is possible to achieve indulgent texture in products that are “good for you” and good for the planet. Using the company’s nature-based ingredients, some of which are upcycled, extracted from plants, or derived from fermentation, it is possible to indulge with no compromise.

“For example, consumers are buying more vitamin and mineral supplements than ever and will choose a soft and chewy gummy that tastes like a confectionery treat but is made without animal-based gelatin,” said Berdugo.

At FiE, CP Kelco invites show attendees to Booth 3.0C40 to indulge in a breakfast tasting session of vegan scrambled egg alternatives featuring Kelcogel Gellan Gum every day from 10 to 11am. In the afternoon, CP Kelco will host a soft-serve ice cream break featuring Nutrava Citrus Fiber on Tuesday and Wednesday from 3-5 p.m. CEST and Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m.

CP Kelco will also showcase a variety of additional new prototypes including…

  • Cold cut alternatives with a meat-like sensory experience and short ingredient list, featuring Genu Carrageenan.
  • Heat-stable, vegan gummies, including a sugar-free, Vitamin C gummy and a calcium-enriched gummy, made with Genu Pectin.
  • A high-protein yogurt alternative made with label-friendly Genu Pectin.
  • Oat-based matcha latte alternative featuring Kelcogel Gellan Gum for excellent suspension and smooth mouthfeel.
  • An indulgent and silky rich, emulsifier-free chocolate sauce made with Nutrava Citrus Fiber.

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