SIG enters strategic partnership with Mupy through copacking collaboration

SIG recently signed a partnership for SIG to provide carton packs and filling services to Mupy via a copacker.

The provider of packaging said SIG is Mupy’s partner of choice to achieve ambitious growth target Mupy, a reference brand for soy drinks with fruit juice.

Mupy is projecting growth for the coming years and said packaging solutions from SIG will play an integral part in achieving their target of doubling turnover by 2025.

Mupy, under the new management of Alexandre Moreno, had revenues of 115 million reais and produced 11.7 million litres of soy drinks with fruit juice in 2023. To achieve future growth with soy and juice beverages, Mupy relies on the high speed and flexible filling machines from SIG. The efficiency rate in the production process is very high, with a waste rate of just 0.5%. In addition, SIG’s filling machines provide maximum flexibility and make it possible to fill products of different categories and viscosities in different volume sizes on one and the same filling machine.

Mupy offers its soy and juice drinks in the flavours grape, pineapple, apple, passion fruit, strawberry, orange, and peach in two SIG carton formats: SIG MiniBloc 200 ml and SIG MidiBloc 1,000 ml. The combination of juice and soy milk allows Mupy to diversify its product offerings within the juice or plant-based drinks category, catering to a health-conscious market while at the same time tapping into the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, thereby enhancing market competitiveness and meeting the evolving preferences of consumers.

The South American market for plant-based products has been growing in recent years, according to The Good Food Institute Brazil (GFI). The plant-based drinks market grew by 15% in 2022 and is expected to have an average annual expansion of almost 12% by 2027.

According to data from Bloomberg Intelligence, Brazil is the largest consumer of plant-based foods in Latin America, followed by Mexico, Chile and Argentina. Today’s consumers are seeking more balanced and nutritious beverage options. The beverage blend of soy and juice offers a unique fusion of fruity flavours from the juice, the creamy texture of soy milk and notable health benefits of soy.

Soy is a rich source of plant-based protein, making the beverage an excellent option for individuals looking to increase protein intake. Additionally, soy contains essential amino acids, fibre, and various vitamins and minerals, contributing for instance to immune health. The combination of the nutritional advantages of soy reinforces the appeal of the juice for both health-conscious consumers and producers aiming to offer a wholesome beverage option.

Renata Kasahara, head of marketing America South at SIG noted that with an agile and flexible filling system, customers are well positioned to respond efficiently to any trend that is shaping the market. Consumer demand for plant-based products has been driven by the search for a healthier diet and products that are more sustainable.

“Carton packaging is among the most sustainable packaging options. 75% of its composition is paperboard from renewable sources and at SIG, 100% of the paperboard we source is FSCTM-certified. All of the aluminium we purchase for SIG aseptic carton packs is certified against the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative Standards and we produce all our cartons with 100% renewable electricity. In other words, opting for SIG means responsibly sourced and sustainably produced packaging to meet the demands of Mupy’s consumers,” Kasahara adds.

With success in 2023, Mupy’s ambitions for the coming years are high. Alexandre Moreno, the company’s CEO, is optimistic about 2024: “In 2023 we grew by more than 22% compared to 2022 and our plan is to double our turnover by 2025. For this, the partnership between Mupy and SIG is fundamental.”

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