Dawn Foods’ concentrated Yuzu liquid compound perfect for adding citrus flavour to bakery

The next new product to be launched in Dawn Foods’ Total Cake Solutions programme, is a concentrated Yuzu liquid compound for adding an intense, distinctive citrus flavour to neutral creams, fonds, frostings and fondants, as well as other sweet bakery applications.

One of 2024’s hottest flavours, Dawn Exceptional Compound Yuzu is easy- to-use and adds on-trend Japanese-inspired flavour and colour to sweet bakery products. Dawn claims in its Global Bakery Trends Report; that there is demand from consumers – especially Gen Z audiences – for experimental ideas in cake format and flavours such as yuzu.

The taste of yuzu can be described as a blend of a lemon and a grapefruit, with complex herbal and floral notes too. It is one of the fastest growing flavour trends in desserts, sweet bakery and ice cream in the UK, and pairs well with other fruits such as lemon and orange as well as chocolate and even chilli.

Dawn Exceptional Compound Yuzu contains a high natural fruit content and so delivers the intense taste of fruit in one small 40–60-gram dose. Compounds offer the perfect mid-way point between flavourings and real fruit purées. They are easier to dose than flavourings, delivering a more intense flavour but are much less expensive in use than real fruit purées which are often not suitable for all bakery applications. They also add a natural colour without the need to use additional food colourings.

Ready-to-use straight from the 1kg bottle, Dawn Exceptional Compound Yuzu gives consistent results including maintaining the stability and volume of whipped creams. Adding a drop or two of Yuzu Compound can help users to easily transform traditional sweet bakes into something more contemporary such as Mini Yuzu Loaf Cakes, Yuzu and White Chocolate Éclairs and Yuzu Ice Cream.

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