OctoFrost helps poultry producer set new standards

Octofrost has announced a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to deliver state-ofthe-art freezing solutions after successfully securing an order for an IQF freezer from HanGang Food, a prominent chicken and poultry producer in South Korea.

HanGang Food is a subsidiary of the Harim Group, which processes 34.5% of South Korea’s chicken market, making it a leading food company in the country.

“With the help of our esteemed local agent, K2, we entered a tender that saw us competing with major industry players, including GEA, JBT, and Scanico,” said Ting Huang, sales manager for Far East Asia at OctoFrost. “The key to our success was our compact footprint, which met the spatial constraints of the customer’s factory. Additionally, our freezer’s efficiency, low energy consumption, ease of cleaning, and low dehydration rate were crucial factors that impressed key decision makers within HanGang Food.”

The unit will be installed near Incheon.

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