Voluntary recalls and notifications on the rise

The Stericycle 2013 European Recall and Notification Index shows a sharp 29% rise in voluntary product safety notifications. In a bid to strengthen ties with customers and comply with regulations, more companies than ever before are voluntarily taking their products off the market.

The marked increase of voluntary notifications, which now account for over 21% of the total, points to a change in business priorities in the region. There was a marginal decline in the total number of notifications issued by the European agencies for consumer goods and food regulation, which demonstrates further the significance of the rise in voluntary actions.

Recall expert Farzad Henareh, European managing director at Stericycle comments, “Companies are taking control of their product recall processes by issuing safety notifications voluntarily. They’re not waiting for authorities to decide whether to enforce measures, they are independently complying with regulations, actively removing dangerous products from the market and ultimately looking to protect their customers and the relationship that they enjoy with them.”

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