RAP unveils ‘breakthrough’ food tray

Packaging company RAP used this week’s Pro2Pac show to launch what it’s calling ‘the world’s first hermetically sealed carton food tray’.
According to RAP, the product, known as the MA Tray, is capable of replacing existing oil-based plastic and metal food trays in the ‘food on the move’ and ready meal markets.

“Moreover, with the capacity to modify the atmosphere within the tray, the MA Tray also offers substantial product replacement opportunities in the fresh food market,” says a RAP spokesman. “Significantly, it offers a product life of three days without modification of the atmosphere within the pack.”

The MA Tray is produced from sustainable forests and requires no printed sleeves or additional labelling.
“Trays are capable of being microwaved and are also suitable for ambient, chilled and frozen applications,” adds the spokesman. “And food manufacturers will be able to adopt the MA Trays with the use of existing MAP machines.”

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