Creating a safer working environment with Purple Snake

CMT Flexibles Ltd is an established company based within the West Midlands who are about to celebrate their 25th anniversary and in order to mark the occasion are set to launch a highly innovate product into the beverage, distillery and bottling industry.

The Purple Snake Plus Conductive is a new high tech product which is capable of transferring up to 100% alcohol whilst eliminating any risk of explosions. HSE inspectors have recently commented “Poor management of highly flammable liquids can have catastrophic results both for individuals and businesses” the new product is set to change this forever.

Purple Snake Plus Conductive is the first electrically conductive food hose with both FDA and BfR approvals. When transferring alcohols at high flow there is the possibility that the friction between the liquid and the hose can build up a static charge. This can transform a production facility into a potentially explosive atmosphere, known as an ex-zone.

The new hose will help eliminate the possibility of an explosion through its highly innovative black coiled stripe positioned both internally and externally, therefore it is perfect for use within an ex-zone.

The product can easily be cleaned conventionally or by CIP installations and complete with CMT Flexibles Ltd swaged coupling systems and rubber protection rings it becomes the ideal hose assembly.

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