Treatt launches new tropical ConcenTreatt

Treatt, the global flavour ingredients specialist, is introducing a range of concentrated alcohol-based natural flavours to the food and beverage industry. The new ConcenTreatt ingredients offer high flavour intensity at low dosage levels and provide excellent solubility in water, meaning that the concentrates are particularly suited for use in clear drinks. The first products to […]

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Chr. Hansen launches range of Viniflora products

Chr Hansen is launching new range of Viniflora products for red wine producers reversing the classical scheme of fermentation management in wines. Production of red wine requires alcoholic fermentation where yeasts transform sugars into ethanol and some flavours. This is traditionally followed by the malolactic fermentation where lactic acid bacteria transform malic acid into lactic […]

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Brewers set to benefit from disposable PET kegs

Brewers could make significant financial savings, improve operational flexibility and reduce their environmental impact simply by switching from re-usable steel kegs to non-returnable PET kegs, according to an independent analysis commissioned by Petainer. The analysis, carried out by leading supply chain expert Axel Hartwig of Sauer & Hartwig Technologie, compared multiple aspects of the use […]

Döhler expands yellow natural food colour range

Döhler has extended its spectrum of the Crystal Clear Colours range with a new soft yellow shade alongside the vibrant orange and yellow tones. The company notes that previously, the only way to achieve a ‘warm orange’, ‘shining yellow’ or ‘soft yellow’ in clear beverages without affecting the taste and stability was by using artificial […]

Tackling health challenges

The International Sweeteners Association recently hosted a conference in Brussels titled “Why low calories count: the effective use of low calorie sweeteners in today’s diet and lifestyle choices”.


DSM launches protease enzyme range

DSM has recently launched its complete portfolio of protease enzymes aimed at helping the food industry to do more with protein in different food products. The Maxipro portfolio includes a wide range of proteases that help improve protein solubility, functionality and digestibility as well as improve the taste profile of protein and even reduce allergic reactions […]


Sensient introduces five new flavours

Sensient Flavors Europe has introduced a new range of natural melon flavours.  The line includes five flavours in the most popular varieties of melon: Cantaloupe, Galia, Honeydew, Piel de Sapo and Watermelon. Using the Natural Origins extracts as a building block, they offer authentic sensory profiles and can be declared as natural flavourings. The new range […]

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Changing drinks habits across Europe

The latest report from market and shopper intelligence firm IRI reveals that changing drinking habits across Europe affected sales of drinks, including mineral water, last year. According to IRI’s Pulse Drinks Report (Q4 2013), total sales for non-alcoholic drinks across Europe was €43.6 million, a drop of 0.4%, with only the UK and France seeing […]

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Fonti Di Posina invests in Sidel’s combined blow fill cap solution

Fonti Di Posina, an Italian bottling company, has invested in Sidel’s new aseptic combined blow fill cap solution with dry preform decontamination – Combi Predis FMa. The technology removes the need for any bottle rinsing and enables lightweighting of the company’s 1.5 litre bottles. The aseptic PET Combi achieved 95% efficiency while allowing doubling of […]

Slush Puppie acquires Beverage Concepts Benelux

On April 1 Slush Puppie acquired Beverage Concepts Benelux (BCB), its long-term partner in Western European markets. This consolidation of the European Business is the first move in a 5-year journey planned for the business to further expand its Ice Crystal Drinks offering across Europe. The business has planned investments of over £8 million pounds […]

ADM expands protein crisps range

ADM is due to highlight its Textura range, a line of protein crisps, at this year’s Vitafoods. Manufacturers can incorporate Textura crisps into food products such as cereal bars and healthy snacks to enhance nutrient content, texture and flavour. Textura crisps are available in a range of protein contents and can be tailored to add […]


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