Key innovations to watch – Hi Europe & Ni’s top 4 product launches


Avebe will launch a new gluten-free, soy-free and lactose-free potato protein isolate at Hi Europe & Ni! This new potato protein isolate called Solanic®100 combines a complete amino acid profile with excellent digestibility, making it highly suitable for food supplementation and protein enrichment of snacks, beverages, breakfast cereals or bars.


Looking for a versatile clean-label starch with good functionality in processing requirements for applications such as jarred baby food, sauces, and dairy desserts? BENEO launches Remypure, the company’s first high-performing rice starch that qualifies for both natural and clean label status worldwide.


Developed by Activ’Inside, SkinAx²TM is a patented anti-aging formula, providing antioxidants for an optimal and synergistic protection against skin oxidation. Available both as an ingredient or ready-to-use formulation for private labelling, SkinAx²TM is a unique and patented solution – find out more at Hi Europe & Ni!


Nutrient specialist SternVitamin will present their new Relax Premix in Frankfurt – composed with ginseng extract, niacin, pantothenic acid and vitamins B6, B12 and C, the vitamins claim to contribute to the reduction of tiredness, fatigue and to normal functioning of the nervous system.

Whether it’s Avebe launching a new potato protein, BENEO presenting their clean-label rice starch, the latest anti-aging formula or vitamin premixes, Hi Europe & Ni has it all! Register today for free!

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