Horsing around

Earlier this month I visited Doncaster Racecourse. Whilst I wasn’t there to watch any races, horses were certainly on the agenda – it was Highfield ABC’s Fighting Food Fraud event and, of course, ‘horsegate’ was one of the buzzwords of the day.

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‘Vision and clear plans’

Joanne Hubbard, public analyst at Public Analyst Scientific Services, hopes for greater focus on food authenticity, quality and standards to reduce risk and ensure compliance throughout the supply chain.

SOFHT celebrates 35 years

In 1979, the Society of Food Hygiene (SOFHT) was launched. Now, 35 years on, SOFHT has supported its members – gathered from all areas of the food supply chain, from retailers to manufacturers and suppliers – in a whole range of food related milestones. From the introduction of the Food Safety Act in 1990, BSE […]

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‘Leading by example’

Alice Cadman was recently appointed head of business development and marketing at 
Leatherhead Food Research. Here, she explains why the food industry must continue to improve its understanding of the more distant and less sustainable aspects of the food supply chain…

Safe and sound

The September issue of Food & Drink Technology is due to hit desks this week and as we have super-sized the issue this month, I apologise if it makes a dent in your desk when it lands! The first of some major shows coming up throughout autumn are upon us, so we’ve included comprehensive previews […]

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No horsemeat found in latest testing

The latest round of industry and European Union (EU) testing found no horsemeat DNA in meat products at or above the 1% reporting threshold.  Since 2013, the FSA has been working with the European Commission and industry in an extensive programme of testing to detect horsemeat. These tests were carried out to check that beef products […]


SGS serves up new food standard

The first global standard for auditing and certificating agents and brokers in the food supply chain is about to be awarded by SGS to a UK based company after more than 18 months of development work with the British Retail Consortium (BRC). David Brackston, technical director BRC Global Standards, says, “The new BRC Agents and […]

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New Dutch beef contaminated with horse meat

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has seized meat from a slaughterhouse in Gelderland in a preventive block. During a criminal investigation by the Intelligence and Investigation Service (IOD), horse DNA was found in four batches of beef scraps from the slaughterhouse. All consignments of meat (over 690 tons) that the slaughterhouse […]

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